Straumann Dental Implants

What are Straumann implants, and how do they differ from other dental implant brands and popular among dentists?

Straumann dental Implant is a popular and commonly used dental implant. It is a Swiss implant brand that delivers dental implants all over the world. Its premium, quality innovation technology and ease of handling differ it from other dental brands and make it popular among dental professionals. The availability of innovative Straumann dental implant designs allows dentists to make personalized treatment plans according to patient needs.

In the Dental care centre, our expert oral and implant surgeons prefer Straumann dental implants due to their high treatment success rate, easy handling, preservation of jaw bone structure better osteointegration, flexibility prosthetics choice, and durability. Straumann dental implants are available in two different types; bone-level and tissue-level implants that integrate into the jaw bone and provide stable and durable treatment.

What factors contribute to the longevity and durability of Straumann implants?”

The success rate of Straumann dental implant is higher than any other brand due to its biocompatible, stable, and durable dental treatment. Factors affecting the long-term and durability of Straumann implant.

Effective osteointegration

Osteointegration is a process by which implants are integrated or fusion with the surrounding jawbone the durability and stability of the implant mostly depend upon its effective integration with bone in Straumann dental implants innovative designers have gone degeneration around implants with decreased healing time and provide stability in durability implants placement.

Preserve jaw bone structure

In the Straumann implant placement, the jaw bone structure is preserved by its unique bone control design, which minimizes damage jaw bone during implant placement. In the dental care centre, our skilled oral and implant specialists with the help of Straumann implants preserve bone during surgery it helps in the equal integration of implants in all dimensions without damaging surrounding anatomical structures. It provides stable implant treatment

Prevent jaw bone grafting treatment

Straumann implants are available in various shapes and sizes that are favourable for excessive bone resorption and less bone density. In the dental care centre, with the help of Straumann small-sized dental implants provide stable and durable treatment in excessive resorbed and edged bone due to its less invasive and high-performance material.

Excellent Strength

The Starumann dental implants are made up of high-quality materials with an improved tensile strength that can absorb high functional load during mastication function. Its unique designs can regenerate implant surrounding bone and provide implant stability.

Easy hygiene maintenance

The Straumann dental implant is adequately attached with a prosthetic margin that helps in cleaning around restorative prosthetic margins with soft bristles, its fine adaptation makes a smooth joint between the implant and abutment which reduces the accumulation of food around the gum line and makes it easy hygiene maintenance with improved durability of implant result.

Restorative prosthetic Flexibility

Straumann dental implants are available in various designs and shapes that provide stable support for dental restorative prosthetics such as crowns, bridges, and complete dentures. The dental care centre’s expert oral and implant specialist with the help of Straumann dental implants makes personalized restorative designs according to patient needs.

Are Straumann implants suitable for everyone, or are there specific candidacy requirements?

Straumann implants are available in multiple designs for the permanent replacement of teeth for everyone. its minimum invasion, better osteointegration, strength, high patient acceptance, preserved bone structure, and excellent aesthetic appeal make it the first choice that fits all conditions.

Small-size Straumann implant

This type of implant is highly recommended by dentists in resorbed and thin jaw bones with edged or irregular jaw ridges. Its size is smaller than a normal size implant, but it requires less invasive bone to fuse with the surrounding bone, due to its less invasive in bone and its special design that regeneration surrounding bone, initiates the healing process and reduces postoperative pain.

Tapered Straumann implant

This type of Straumann implant is used in the condition in which the bone density is less and the tapered shape implant removes the need for additional bone augmentation treatment .it also provides better stability in soft tissue and freshly extracted teeth and is placed an implant on the same day, it’s tapered shaped also preserve anatomical structures such as surrounding converging root tips, concave jaw, and irregular ridge.

Ceramics or zirconia implant

Straumann zirconia implants are highly recommended in excellent aesthetics concerns and the patient is allergic to is an expensive and metal-free implant mostly placed in patients more concerned about metal exposure below the gum line. it can easily bite force during chewing due to high fracture strength as compared to other types of commercially available is most reliable and has an excellent success rate.

In the dental care centre, London’s leading implant expert carefully examines the patient’s oral condition and considers all the important factors that can the durability of implants such as bone density, gum health, systemic condition, metal and other material allergies, anatomical consideration, and oral hygiene maintenance. After estimating all these factors our dentist chooses the specific type of Straumann dental implant according to the patient’s dental needs.


Straumann Dental Implants is the most commonly used dental implant brand by dental professionals. The dental care centre is London’s leading dental clinic that provides effective and durable teeth replacement with Straumann dental implants; its innovative design, preserves bone resorption, better stability, and ease of handling make it differ from other dental implant brands.

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