Silver crown tooth – Strengthen your tooth integrity

What are silver crowns made of and are silver crowns safe for dental use?

Silver crown tooth is also known as stainless steel crowns commonly used in pediatric patients, for the protection of primary teeth and maintain space for permanent teeth. It is safest to use silver crown tooth due to its biocompatible properties such as corrosion resistance, and gum adaption. It is made up of chromium iron and nickel, which provide stable and durable tooth protection.

In dental care centre, our renowned dental specialist uses silver crown teeth in conditions where aesthetics is not the main concern and in pediatric patients. Our dental specialist before placing a silver crown tooth, completely evaluates the patient’s dental needs, oral health condition and takes a detailed history, and also performs screening tests for metal allergies such as nickel allergy to avoid complications after placement of silver or stainless crown, all these measures make the placement of silver crown tooth safe and effective. Silver crown tooth provides versatile restorative options such

Primary tooth protection

Silver crown tooth is commonly used in children’s dental treatment for the protection of deep decayed teeth and primary teeth root treatment. It strengthens and supports baby teeth until it is replaced with a permanent one.

Space maintainer

Early shedding of primary teeth can affect dental arch development, disturb the eruption of permanent teeth, and cause teeth misalignment. To avoid all these dental problems our expert dental specialist places silver crowns tooth after early shading or in case of decayed tooth extraction, to fill the gap and maintain the place for permanent teeth.

Preserve natural tooth structure

For silver crown tooth placement, minimal tooth preparation is required which provides advantages to maintaining natural tooth structure and preventing excessive tooth damage. It provides better support for primary teeth with minimal tooth preparation.

Temporary restoration

A silver crown tooth is also used as interim restoration to provide temporary support and protection in dental treatment such as root canal, and dental implant treatment, it is replaced after the fabrication of a permanent restoration prosthetic.

Cost-effective solution

A Silver crown tooth is a budget-friendly treatment option as compared to other ceramic and porcelain crowns. In conditions where aesthetics is not the main concern, it can be used to protect and strengthen the tooth such as the posterior tooth or molar.

How long do silver crowns typically last and What is the cost of getting a silver crown?

The duration of a sliver crown tooth depends on two factors, oral hygiene maintenance, and margin of crown adaptation with the gum line. silver crown tooth provides corrosion resistance and better strength it stands against biting force, for around 3 to 4 years after that it should be replaced by another one or a permanent option.

In dental care centre, our expert dentist skilfully places the silver crown tooth with a proper adaptation of the crown margin without disturbing the gum line. Our expert dentist also instructs patients to maintain good oral hygiene such as gentle brushing around the silver tooth crown, flossing after every meal, and daily use of mouthwashes. Proper adaptation of silver tooth with gum line and oral hygiene is important for long-term results of the silver tooth crown. ill-fitted crown and improper oral hygiene can transmit infection under the crown and cause tooth decay, gum infection, and jaw bone resorption.

The silver crown tooth is a cost-effective tooth restoration prosthetic as compared to other options. The cost of silver tooth crowns depends upon dental expertise, the geographical location of the dental clinic, and the requirement of dental procedures such as space maintenance or temporary crowns. The average cost of a silver tooth crown is £300 to £500 per tooth. In dental care centre to reduce patient pocket burden, we accept dental insurance, provide flexible payment options offer a comprehensive treatment package for easily accessible dental treatment for all, and promote dental health in the community.

Are there any potential drawbacks or risks associated with silver crowns?

The silver crown tooth is the better option for, pediatric tooth, and temporary restoration with a cost-effective budget but it has some drawbacks that make it not suitable for all dental conditions such

Aesthetic concern

Silver crown tooth due to their metallic exposure is not preferred in front tooth restoration where aesthetics is the main concern as compared to other options such as ceramic or porcelain fused to metal crowns that give a natural tooth appearance.

Allergic reaction

The silver crown tooth is made up of chromium, iron, and nickel, which can cause metal allergy after crown placement. Metal allergy screening test is important before placement of silver crow tooth and individuals with a metallic allergic history should inform the dentist about metal allergy during the initial assessment so he can choose alternative restorative options such as zirconium and porcelain fused to metal.

Less durable than other options

The Silver crown tooth is durable for 3 to 4 years after that it needs to be replaced due to damage or wear as compared to other tooth replacement options that are placed for long-term 8 to 10 years.

Galvanic pain

In the presence of other metallic tooth restorations such as amalgam filling and gold restoration, silver tooth crowns can cause pain, discomfort, and sensitivity, due to the exchange of ions in the presence of a salivary conductor.

For better aesthetic and permanent solutions, alternative restorative prosthetics are available in dental treatment such as porcelain fused to metal, if the restoration size is small then tooth colour composite can used to restore teeth structure.


A silver crown tooth is a better option for short-term terms such as in Pediatric tooth protection, as a space maintainer, interim or temporary restoration, and for posterior teeth. In dental care centre our London expert dentist after a complete evaluation of oral health and the patient’s dental need, placed a silver crown tooth to strengthen tooth structure and maintain the integrity of jaw alignment.

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