Gold Tooth Gap

What is a gold tooth cap, and how does it differ from other types of dental crowns?

Gold tooth cap is a dental restorative prosthetic that is used to protect damaged decayed tooth .it strengthens the tooth and helps in performing durable tooth function. The gold tooth cap is composed of a gold and copper alloy mixture that improves its strength and durability. Gold tooth caps give a notable appearance of golden colour and compromised aesthetic especially when used to cover the front teeth as compared to other tooth-colour restorative prosthetics such as ceramic or porcelain dental crowns that give a more natural appearance.

Gold crown caps provide remarkable stability, strength, and durability. They can easily stand against significant biting force and protect restorative crowns against wear, corrosion, and fracture. The Gold crown cap also provides better marginal adaptation and gives long-term tooth protection as compared to other restorative options.

In Dental Care Centre, our London leading restorative specialist uses gold tooth caps to provide durable long-term restoration. Our dental expert specialist designed a gold tooth cap in conditions in which aesthetics is not the patient’s main concern with minimal tooth structure remaining to support prosthetics or in teeth grinding or bruxism to avoid wear and fracture of the restoration crown.

What are the advantages of choosing a gold tooth cap over other crown materials like porcelain or zirconia?

Advantages of gold tooth cap

Gold tooth cap is used to cover the damaged tooth, improve durability, and provide long-term tooth protection. In Dental care centre, our expert dental specialist highly recommends gold tooth caps for posterior teeth or in patients with night grinding habits due to some advantages such as

Remarkable strength

Gold tooth crown is fabricated with gold alloy with copper metal addition to improve its strength. It provides exceptional strength against teeth grinding force that can cause restorative cap or crown fracture and wear.


The gold tooth cap is biocompatible, it does not cause any allergic reactions after placement in the oral cavity and it is also compatible with other metallic restorations. It does not cause any harmful discolouration or taste like other metallic restoration can produce.

Exceptional marginal Adaptation

Better Restoration marginal seal improves restoration durability by avoiding bacterial leakage under restoration. Gold tooth cap precisely fits with the tooth margin without affecting the gum line and maintains marginal integrity of the tooth to provide infection-free durable restoration.

Minimal tooth preparation

Tooth preparation is required for sitting a dental crown over the tooth. Gold cap tooth required minimal tooth preparation for placement. In Dental care centre, our expert dental specialist skilfully prepares the teeth while preserving a more natural tooth structure for a precisely fitting restoration crown over the tooth structure

Prolong stability and durability

Gold tooth cap has remarkable wear, corrosion, and fracture resistance. It can be used for posterior tooth protection without any repair or replacement. It provides a long-lasting solution with minimal restoration maintenance.

Are gold tooth caps suitable for all teeth, or are there specific teeth or situations where they are preferred?

Gold tooth cap is preferred for posterior tooth protection due to its better wear and fracture resistance against chewing forces. The common problem with posterior tooth restoration is surface wear and fracture with time and need to be replaced and repaired. Gold cap tooth resolves all these problems and provides a long-term durable restoration solution, especially in cases where excessive biting force is applied due to parafunctional habits such as night teeth grinding or bruxism.

Gold tooth cap are also preferred in the protection of grossly damaged teeth where minimal tooth structure is available for crown preparation, gold tooth crown helps in maintaining the structural integrity of natural teeth. Gold tooth cap is not used for front teeth restoration due to their golden appearance which compromises aesthetics and patients prefer tooth color material caps to restore their anterior teeth.

in Dental Care Centre, our expert dental specialist carefully evaluates all the factors before choosing a restoration crown material and provides patients with satisfied and durable tooth protection.

How does the cost of a gold tooth cap compare to other types of dental crowns, and does insurance typically cover this treatment?

The cost of a gold tooth cap depends upon tooth condition, dentist experience, geographical location of the dental clinic, and dental laboratory cost. The average cost of a gold tooth cap is £800 to £3000 per tooth. The reason behind the high cost of the gold tooth cap is its gold alloy composition and special fabrication technique.

The cost of a gold tooth cap seems expensive as compared to another restorative crown such as porcelain or metal but a gold tooth cap valuable investment as it gives long-term tooth protection without the need for any repair and restoration maintenance.

Dental Care Centre, provides flexible treatment financial options to reduce the cost of gold tooth cap restoration, we accept dental insurance to reduce the patient pocket burden and provide comprehensive treatment offers so dental treatment can easily be accessible for all and promote good oral health in the community.


The gold tooth cap is considered the permanent restoration solution for tooth protection with better oral hygiene maintained it can place for the long term due to its exceptional durability and Dental care centre, our expert dental specialist recommends gold tooth cap in patients with special dental needs such as bruxism (night teeth grinding) or grossly damaged teeth to maintain structural integrity and provide durable tooth protection.

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