Smile Direct Club – What are the dangers?

What is Smile direct club and why it can damage your teeth?

Smile direct club is a virtual dental service provider, without a professional dentist’s oversight. They offer teeth straightening services by fabricating aligners without a professional in-person consultation. Most of the patients used their services due to the comfortable availability of aligners at home without knowing the hidden harmful effects of this treatment.

Absence of expert supervision

Smile direct club provides dental treatment without the patient’s visiting the dental clinic for dental expert consultation. In Dental care centre, our professional and experienced surgeons completely examine all the dental conditions Such as gum health, dental and jaw bone condition, and consider all anatomical landmarks, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), patient lifestyle, and oral health maintenance habits. After a detailed evaluation of all these influencing factors, our dental experts make treatment plans that provide long-term dental treatment results without any side effects.

General Approach

In Smile direct club, they used non-customized or one-size aligners for all the patients to straighten their teeth. Oversized or misfit aligners can cause gum problems and ineffective treatment results. A professional orthodontic takes dental impressions before starting an orthodontic treatment to record the positions of crooked teeth, and the spacing between the teeth and surrounding gum level. After careful study of all the minor details, orthodontic or professional dentists fabricate a customized aligner that is fixed with the teeth surface and apply effective force to straight align them.

Absences of treatment monitoring

In the dental care centre, from the initial assessment till the achievement of successful treatment results, the whole treatment is properly monitored with regular dental visits in which our expert orthodontic specialist closely evaluates the progress in teeth straightening, keeps an eye on any harmful adverse effects such as gum irritation or bone resolution around teeth. our expert orthodontist also provides a post-treatment retainer to prevent the relapse of teeth and keep the teeth in the aligned position. Direct Smile Club or other virtual dental service providers lack these important steps affect the treatment outcome and cause oral health complications.

Cause of dental problems

Smile direct club, straightens the teeth with a one-size aligner for all, without considering individual specific teeth position and gums position. uses of oversize aligners can lead to gum irritation, and gum infection and prolonged use can cause underlined gum resorption that detached gingival support around teeth. uncontrolled force during teeth alignment can cause abnormal bone resorption. Poor oral hygiene maintenance and accumulation of food debris can cause tooth decay and gum infection. All these side effects produce ineffective teeth straightening and affect overall oral health.

Imperfection due to self-adjustment

In Professional teeth alignment treatment as in dental care centre, our expert orthodontics treat malaligned teeth after a complete evaluation of tooth root position and jaw bone density, fabricating an aligner that strengthens the teeth with controlled light force. Our orthodontic specialist adjusts the aligner according to the progress in teeth straightening, while in smile direct club treatment, patients do self-adjustments in the aligner that cause inefficient treatment results.

Consultation with professional orthodontic specialists is essential for the proper diagnosis, complete treatment plan, and effective results to avoid harmful results on oral health during the treatment journey.

Are there any specific dental conditions or issues that may increase the risk of tooth damage with smile direct club treatment?

In orthodontic treatment, a professional orthodontic completely evaluates jaw bone condition and positions of the tooth, applying slow controlled force on the tooth root and aligning them into a new position. In smile direct clubs due to a lack of professional oversight, limited treatment monitoring leads to dental problems such as

Bone resorption

In orthodontic treatment, the controlled force at an appropriate tooth angle is crucial to move a tooth from its position. Heavy forces and rapid tooth movement can cause the resorption of bone around the tooth and loss of tooth stability. Direct smile cube provides an aligner without professional supervision can lead to abnormal bone resorption around the tooth and cause a relapse of teeth after finishing the treatment.

Tooth structure damage

Direct Smile Cube fabricates non-customized, one-size aligners for all patients without considering unique individual dental shapes and sizes. This ill-fitted aligner can damage the tooth structure such as enamel wear, and tooth chipping.

Gum irritation

Professional orthodontics fabricates aligners according to the patient’s gum line to avoid gingival irritation. Ill-fitted aligners by Smile direct club can damage gum, and cause periodontal disease such as gum infection and recession.

Bite abnormality

Improper alignment of teeth by a direct smile cube aligner can lead to complex biting issues such as overbite, underbite, and crossbite.

TMJ problem

Non-customized aligner by direct smile cube raises biting issues that affect the temporomandibular joint. Discomfort during jaw movements such as chewing and speaking, popping, or clicking sounds while opening or closing the mouth.

Tooth decay

Food particles accumulate between ill-fitted trays and teeth, if hygiene is not maintained properly, it forms a hard plaque and tarter which provide a bed for bacterial growth that damages and decays the teeth.

Ineffective treatment

Improper aligner design and absence of regular monitoring can lead to ineffective teeth straightening and failure of treatment by relapsing the teeth to their original position.

Relapse treatment

Teeth straightening treatment with a professional orthodontic provides regular follow-ups and post-treatment retainers to keep the aligned teeth in their new strengthened position. In smile direct club, a lack of post-treatment care by professional orthodontics can cause relapse teeth to their misaligned position with compromised oral health.


Smile direct club and other online dental service providers offer teeth straightening treatment with non-customized aligners that can cause gum irritation and provide ineffective results due to the absence of professional oversight. London’s leading orthodontic in the dental care centre carefully designs teeth alignment treatment plans and expertly monitors the treatment to achieve the successful perfect smile.

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