One-tooth implant

What is one tooth implant treatment and how does it replace a single missing tooth?

Single tooth implant placement or single implant replacement is an innovative, permanent and effective technique that seamlessly blends with natural teeth and gives appearance, function and feelings like natural teeth. A dental implant comprises three parts post, abutment and restorative prosthetic. The main part of a single tooth implant is its metal screw implant post or body of implants that provide stability and support as same as a natural tooth. A prosthetic is attached with an implant post with the help of an abutment or connector, which mimics natural teeth in appearance and function.

In the Dental care centre, we completely understand the patient’s problem due to a missing tooth, so we provide an immediate solution to our patient without compromising on their patient’s daily activity. our London’s expert oral and implant surgeon successfully replaced a missing tooth with a single-tooth dental implant that changed thousands of lives with a confident seamless natural smile.

How can a single tooth implant’s appearance and function be compared to a natural tooth?

One-tooth dental implant provide remarkable durability, aesthetic and functional excellence same as natural teeth. The one-tooth dental implant mimics the natural tooth due to the prosthetic that is attached to the implant. A dental prosthetic is a custom-made design according to individual teeth’ shade, shape and size so it seamlessly blends with surrounding teeth. Ceramic and porcelain are high-quality dental materials that fabricate prosthetics with aesthetically pleasing results. It smoothly attached under the gum line with an implant as a natural tooth erupting from the jaw.

In functionality, one tooth implant provides unmatchable stability and support as compared to other tooth replacement options. In the Dental care centre, our specialized oral and implant surgeon expertly placed one tooth implant that anchors in the jaw bone and provides stability and support in daily functions such as chewing, biting, and speaking. our dental specialist carefully monitors the healing and complete integration of one tooth implant with the surrounding jaw bone so it effectively absorbs and equally distributes all the functional load during chewing food same as the natural tooth performs.

Why one tooth implant is a better option as compared to other single missing tooth replacement options?

One-tooth implant is an advanced dental treatment that provides better stability, support, durability and excellent aesthetics. In the dental care centre, our specialized implant surgeon prefers one tooth implant to replace the single missing tooth with better bone density and overall good oral conditions due to the following reasons.

Permanent solution

One-tooth implant has long-term and durable results with proper oral hygiene it can be maintained for life-long as compared to other tooth replacement options such as dental bridges and dentures that require repair and replacement after some years.

Preserve adjacent teeth structure

One-tooth implant discretely stands and takes support from the jawbone by osteointegration as compared to dental bridges which rely on adjacent teeth for support and disturb its structure integrity. A partial denture also takes support from adjacent teeth with the help of metal clasps and affects aesthetics.


One-tooth implants provide better support as compared to dentures that may shift during chewing and biting. One-tooth implants are attached to bone and provide strong support to restoration that firmly stands against teeth function.

Natural appearance

One tooth implant gives a seamless natural appearance that is difficult to differentiate between the natural and implanted tooth as compared to dental bridges, gums and bone resorption can cause exposure of the metal base of dental bridge, this visible defect affects the appearance. In removable partial dentures, metal claps around adjacent teeth also compromise the aesthetic.

Maintain teeth alignment

Prolong missing tooth craft a gap in the jaw arch and cause drifting of adjacent teeth to fill the gap and disturbing arch alignment, resorption of bone around adjacent teeth, and negligence can cause the mobility of adjacent healthy teeth. One-tooth dental implant not only replaces missing tooth but also maintains the integrity and alignment of other teeth.

How long one tooth dental implant can be maintained and what is its success rate?

The one-tooth dental implant is placed in the oral cavity for the long term according to different research it is scientifically proven, that with proper oral hygiene maintained and regular dental visits, a dental implant can be placed for over a decade with a 95% success rate. The durability of a tooth dental implant depends upon the dentist’s expertise in surgical implant placement, implant material and patient jaw bone health. The osteointegration or fusion of the implant with the surrounding jaw bone is the key factor of implant durability and stability for long-term aesthetic and oral functionality.

In the dental care centre, our leading implant specialist team successfully placed one tooth dental implant and restored thousands of smiles with improved oral health. our oral and implant surgeon’s vast experience, carefully evaluates all influencing factors of implant placement and uses of advanced technology, giving patients confidence and reassurance about the expected long-lasting success of an implant treatment. The exceptional predictable long-term success rate helps patients choose a one-tooth dental implant for replacing a single tooth.

What is the cost of one tooth dental implant placement?

The cost of the one-tooth dental implant depends upon the location of the missing tooth in front of single-tooth replacement the restorative cost is higher than posterior tooth replacement, and other factors such as implant specialist experience, and the use of advanced technology can affect the cost of the one-tooth implant. The average expense of one tooth dental implant is around £1500 to £5000 depending upon the case scenario.

To reduce the burden on the patient’s pocket, in the Dental Care Centre we accept dental insurance for implant treatment, offer an affordable treatment package and provide flexible payment plans to make dental implant treatment affordable, and accessible for all to promote good dental health in the community.

The cost of dental implants seems higher than other tooth replacement options such as dental bridges and dentures but these options require repair and replacement after some years compared to a one-tooth dental implant placed for long-term with the advantages of improved oral functionality, and excellent aesthetics.


One tooth dental implant is an advanced durable, natural aesthetic with a better function single-tooth replacement option. In the dental care centre, our London’s expert oral and dental implant specialist restores patients’ radiant smiles and improves oral function beyond patient expectations with a high success rate. Meet London’s most expert surgeons at the Dental Care Centre