Experience the Freshness with Airflow Dental

What is airflow dental cleaning, and does it differ from traditional teeth cleaning methods?

Airflow Dental is an Innovation in teeth cleaning treatment it effectively and safely provides dental hygiene treatment. It is a gold stander treatment in removes dental biofilm, plaque, tarter, and stains. Dental biofilms are invisible thin films that continuously form on teeth surfaces, and provide a bed for bacterial growth that reaches to gum and causes gum infection and disease. Airflow with the help of guide biofilm therapy (GBT), identifies invisible biofilm with the help of dye. The main components of Airflow are Warm water, compressed air, and fine powder erythritol to remove plaque. our dental care center, our trained oral hygienist, first assesses the health of the tooth and gum and applies a dye to mark the inviable biofilm then uses an air flow jet to remove the stain with the help of hot water spray, compressed air, and fine powder chemical, remove teeth hard plaque and deep gum infection. In traditional cleaning techniques, a sharp scaler causes pain and bleeding in gum infection conditions and causes teeth sensitivity during treatment due to the vibration of the scaler. Airflow dental cleaning provides more effective, less invasive comfortable deep teeth cleaning.

What are the benefits of airflow dental cleaning for oral health?


Painless dental cleaning Airflow Dental gently provides teeth cleaning with fine jet compressed air, in which Water is heated to an optimal temperature of 40 degrees, and vibrators are also regulated to avoid sensitivity during treatment. Our experienced oral hygiene uses airflow dental cleaning in patients with severe tooth sensitivity and pain full gum disease.

Efficiently remove plaque and tarter High pressure of compressed air effectively removes hard plaque, and tartaric can also remove up to 10mm deep plaque into the gum

Reducing soft tissue and tongue trauma. Airflow is the safest technique for teeth cleaning, it saves soft tissue, gums, and tongue injury during teeth cleaning as compared to traditional scalers. Eyewear and rubber dams make this technique more safest.

Maintain oral hygiene and prevent systemic problems: Airflow dental cleaning removes dental biofilm, plaque, and tartar from the deep gum tissue and controls bacterial growth, uncontrolled gum infection can cause heart diseases.

Remove stains and give fresh breath: Airflow efficiently removes dark tarter that causes stains. Fine powder in airflow has some abrasive particles that combine with pressure-compressed air to remove stains and give a brightened white smile. Airflow maintains oral hygiene and controls bacteria that produce a foul smell and restores fresh breath.

Is airflow dental cleaning suitable for sensitive teeth or gum disease?

Oral hygiene is commonly used for Airflow dental cleaning, for a patient who has a history of tooth sensitivity and painful treatment with traditional cleaning techniques. Our trained hygienist, after examination and assisting gingival pocket depth, gently performs teeth cleaning with airflow dental cleaner. Airflow dental cleaner’s fine jet of compressed is, warm water, and fine powder remove dental biofilm, plaque, and tarter from the tooth surface gently without pain, teeth sensitivity can also be reduced by regulating its vibration. In some cases when gum pockets are deeply infected, our expert perodontics first performs root planning treatment and then the oral hygienist performs teeth cleaning with gentle action of airflow.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with air-flow dental cleaning?

Airflow dental cleaning is completely safe, but it sometimes shows temporary mild pain and teeth sensitivity during treatment mostly associated with severe gum diseases. In the dental care centre, our dental hygienist completely examines gum and tooth conditions and takes the history of previous preventive treatment experience before starting the cleaning procedure with an airflow dental cleaner. It helps our oral hygienist to adjust air compression pressure according to the patient’s gum condition and also change the direction of the stream of air and warm water away from sensitive gum, all these efforts, provide comfortable and effective teeth cleaning.

Can air-flow dental cleaning remove stubborn stains or discoloration from teeth?

Airflow has fine powder erythritol which is a mild abrasive particle that plays an important role in removing tea, coffee, and tobacco smoking stains. Airflow with highly compressed air and a stream of warm water, dislodged plaque from the teeth’ surface, and its abrasive fine powder removed stains, and brightened the teeth without damaging the teeth’ surface. Our trained hygienist examines the stain before starting treatment and guides the patient in case of a hard or extrinsic stain that requires customized tray teeth whitening treatment to remove it effectively.

Can air flow dental cleaning help freshen bad breath and improve overall dental hygiene?

Bad breath or halitosis is caused by bacterial accumulation deep under the gum line that is difficult to remove with normal brushing and traditional teeth-cleaning techniques that cause a foul smell in the mouth. Airflow gently removes deep bacteria and produces freshened breath. Proper Oral hygiene after airflow dental cleaning maintenance freshens breath prolonged.


In the dental care centre, our trained hygienist uses airflow dental cleaner for, safe, comfortable, and effective teeth cleaning. It removes invisible dental biofilm and plaque from the tooth surface and under the gum line by its powerful compressed air pressure, steam of warm water, and fine powder erythritol. It also controls external stains and bad breath by removing hard plaque, food, and bacteria accumulation under the gum line. By practicing post-treatment prevention, keeps airflow dental cleaning results long-lasting.

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