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When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are a highly effective option that can provide the same benefits as natural teeth. With their ability to improve your appearance as well, dental implants are a popular choice for many individuals.

With good daily oral care, tooth loss can be prevented, but sometimes it occurs due to dental issues or physical trauma. Nevertheless, modern dentistry offers effective tooth replacement procedures to help regain a healthy and complete smile in case of tooth loss.

While dentures remain a great choice and crowns and bridges can effectively replace lost teeth, they no longer hold the top position as the ultimate solution for restoring teeth. It is important to consider other options for tooth restoration.

Dental implants are considered the most advanced solution for replacing missing teeth in contemporary dentistry. They are commonly the preferred option for patients, as dental implants can replace the entire tooth root, creating a strong base for single implant crowns, implant retained dentures, or bridges.

Dental Care Centre near to Greenwich is delighted to provide an exceptional dental restoration therapy that provides patients with the most natural looking and feeling replacement for their actual smile currently accessible.

Professional Dental Implant Treatments

The main purpose of a dental implant is to provide support to the replacement tooth that is placed above it. However, in some cases, it is possible to use a single implant to support multiple teeth, depending on the location and position of the implant. This option of supporting multiple teeth with a single implant can be cost-effective while still delivering an impressive outcome.

If there are multiple adjacent teeth that require replacement, our suggestion would be to opt for an implant bridge. This procedure involves the placement of two implants, one at each end of the gap, with a bridge attached to them in the middle. The bridge is a fixed and long-lasting solution. Unlike conventional bridges, where the neighbouring teeth need to be prepped for crowns to provide support, in implant bridges, the support is provided by the dental implants themselves.

Dentures that are conventionally used are located near the gum area, fitting firmly to create suction in conjunction with adhesive for added support. These dentures are available in partial and full options and require frequent replacements as teeth and jawbone shift and alter over time. The precision of the fit is never as good as it is with implant-supported dentures, which utilise implants to firmly secure the dentures in place. Unlike permanent bridges, dentures are detachable and can be separated from the implants for maintenance purposes.

How does Dental Implant Treatment work?

A tiny device composed of titanium metal, known as an implant, functions as a substitute for a tooth root. Following the attachment of the implant to the jawbone, the implant will integrate with the bone while it continues to heal. Once the implant area has healed, and the dentist is happy with the stability, your replacement implant is attached.

Once the implant is in place, it forms a durable foundation for the replacement tooth. This new tooth is designed to match the shape and shade of your natural teeth, and it will be installed once the implant has been firmly secured.

Like extractions, implants are carried out using local anaesthesia. It is expected that they will remain functional for life if taken care of properly. It is crucial to maintain them just like your natural teeth, and your dentist will provide guidance on any necessary precautions.

How long does Dental Implant Treatment take?

After the procedure, you may experience some soreness in your mouth and gums which can be alleviated with paracetamol. Over a period of 2 to 6 months, your jawbone will fuse completely with your implants during the recovery process. During this time, your specialist will collaborate with you to design the necessary bridges or crowns.

Once your recovery period is over, we will invite you to visit Dental Care Centre to fit your uniquely tailored teeth. This marks the culminating phase of your implant process, and you will leave the surgery with a dazzling smile!

When you get dental implants, it is important to maintain their durability and longevity by practicing proper oral hygiene. Your dentist will provide you with guidelines and address any inquiries you may have during your treatment.

Durable and Affordable

Our dental clinic near to Greenwich offers a range of treatment options that cater to the individual lifestyle and financial requirements of each participant. Our services include dental implants, implant retained dentures, and full mouth reconstructions, ensuring that we can address your specific needs.

At our clinic, we provide an initial consultation at no cost and without any obligation to every patient. This opportunity enables you to get acquainted with our services and talk through your options before coming to a decision.

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Our Implant Surgeons

Dr Javier Perez

Dental Implant and Oral Surgeon
Lic Odont, PG Cert (Implant), MClinDent (Implant), Dip Oral Surg RCS (Eng), PG Cert Cons Sed
GDC No: 225487

Special interest in Oral Surgery & Dental Implants

Dr Javier Perez graduated in dental surgery in 2010.

His clinical practice is focused on dental implants and oral surgery, from simple single tooth replacements to complex reconstructions involving both soft and hard tissues.

Dr Javier has completed a Masters in Implant Dentistry MClinDent (Implant) in London over three years and was awarded a diploma in Oral Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, one of the most prestigious colleges in UK.

Dr Perez has trained in Oral Surgery at the Maxillofacial Unit in the Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in South England.  He is at the forefront of dental implants and oral surgery regularly attending National and International conferences to develop his skills and learn about the latest trends in Implantology.

At Dental Care Centre New Cross our implant team have placed over 5000 implants, often undertaking and being referred cases from other practitioners.  We also consult and treat cases where you may have been told that you are unsuitable for dental implants.  Having assembled one of the countries leading dental implant teams we can treat the most advanced and complex cases here at Dental Care Centre New Cross.

Outside of work Dr Javier spends the majority of his time with his young family, recently welcoming a new son (October, 2021). He enjoys spending weekends exploring London, especially going to local food markets.

Our implant surgical specialists have implanted more than 5,000 dental implants for over twenty years, and regularly hold meetings to plan implant treatment cases together. Taking experience from national and international experts, we have one of the largest implant teams. No situation is too complex for them. From single tooth implants to entire arch reconstruction, here at Dental Care Centre we are confident we can help.
We understand patients may find going to the dentist stressful, which is why we work hard to ensure they are at ease throughout their treatment by working closely with each patient and their Treatment Coordinators.
We have a variety of treatments that accommodate each participant’s unique lifestyle and budget prerequisites. Whether it’s a dental implant, an implant retained denture, or an entire mouth reconstruction, we provide a service that will meet your personal needs.
Our offices offer a free no-obligation first appointment to every patient. This allows you to learn more about our services and consider your choices before making a decision. You will be able to ask questions about your condition and make an informed decision on your own when you have all the necessary information.
Our company is one of the first in the region to install CT scanners often found in hospitals and digital impression scanners to allow for a more precise jaw reconstruction. Before we begin any operation, we consider possible results, and we often share them with you, showing the exact implant placement areas for maximum implant success.
We aim to be certain that paying for our treatment is something you do as stress-free as the treatment itself, which is why we have several options for payment.

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Aleksandrs JegorovsAleksandrs Jegorovs
10:47 27 Jul 22
Very nice customer service, very clean and comfortable reception. Doctor listened me with empathy, and sort out my problem very professionally. Thanks a lot. I highly recommend this dental centre
Alison ButterfieldAlison Butterfield
08:09 15 Jul 22
I have excellent experience at this dental care centre. I have been attending since I came to live in London since 2009. Currently I'm going through a teeth straightening process which I'm so relieved is going well and I very appreciate all the support and transparency re costs that I'm receiving. I especially appreciate that this is an NHS dental practice.
Stephen WinfieldStephen Winfield
08:12 11 Jul 22
My visit to the Dental Care Centre on Friday was a very happy experience, the surgery was very clean, receptionists very friendly and my dentist was very attentive.. I only had a check up, with work suggested for my follow up appointment, but I felt I was in good hands and i am someone who has an inbuilt fear of dentists.. recommended
Jennifer ThoJennifer Tho
12:58 07 Jul 22
This practice has dentists who are caring and patient with adults who are nervous of dentists. They also give very good advice on all round dental care. Would definitely recommend.
Cherry Ann CalapiniCherry Ann Calapini
09:16 05 Jul 22
I have been using this dental care centre since 2018 during my pregnancy and until now. I have always been looked after by front desk staff and dentist themselves. They have an excellent service.Now my son has had his 3rd appointment for dental check and being 3.5yrs old he's always been comfortable attending this clinic.Sad to see our dentist leave Dr Kumar, he's an excellent dentist towards our care. Hope he'll enjoy more of his family time.Met our new dentist last week and my son already created a bond with her.Thank you staff for your continuous service. I'm just lucky to have a good rapport with you all. 😀



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