Tooth Transplant Cost

What is the average range for a tooth transplant cost?

A tooth transplant is also known as an implant, it is a long-term option to restore missing teeth’s functional and aesthetic problems. Tooth transplant costs depend upon various factors, such as dental surgeon expertise, type of material used, and complexity of the procedure. The average cost of to transplant is £2000 to £4000 per tooth.

Our dental care centre, is the leading London dental clinic that provides the most efficient comfortable, and advanced tooth transplant at an affordable price. our expert dental surgeon carefully diagnoses the condition, with the help of advanced dental technology, and makes a treatment plan for durable tooth transplant according to individual dental needs and expectations.

The tooth transplant cost mostly depends upon the material of the implant that is placed inside the bone it should be biocompatible, durable infection-resistant. Our dental experts regularly monitor the healing condition of the transplanted tooth and provide the best aftercare for successful results.

What are the factors that can influence the tooth transplant cost?

A tooth transplant is a surgical procedure in which an artificial tooth (implant)is transplanted in the jaw bone to perform functional and aesthetic needs. The tooth transplant cost depends upon various factors such as

Dentist experience

Dentist experience in skill is most important to the surgical transplant of artificial teeth inside the bone. The dental care centre has a team of the most experienced and skilled dentists from all over the world, our oral and implant surgeons have successfully performed various cases at affordable prices. Expert dentists make the procedure comfortable and durable but the cost of treatment is expensive as compared to less experienced dentists.

Type of tooth transplant

Different types of implants are placed in the bone to replace the missing teeth such as single implants, all -on -4 implants, and all-on-6-implant. A single implant is used to replace one missing tooth and in multiple missing teeth, All-on-4 and all-on-6 implants provide better support. The cost of a single tooth transplant is less as compared to multiple teeth replacement.

Diagnostic cost

Before a tooth transplant expert dentist carefully examines the jaw bone heath and accesses the surrounding gum structure with the help of different types of diagnostic images such as OPG, CT scan, and 3D dental scanners. it also affects overall tooth transplant costs.

Additional procedures

Sometimes condition of the bone in the gums is not healthy enough to support transplanted teeth. In this condition additional treatment is required such as bone grafting and root planning is required before implant placement. In some cases the broken root is also present inside the bone, it also needs to be extracted before placement of the implant, all these additional procedures increase the cost of tooth transplant.

Tooth transplant material

Different types of materials are available for tooth transplant such as zirconium and Titanium. Both are biocompatible comfortable and durable. Titanium is commonly used due to its affordable cost as compared to zirconium which is more expensive due to its aesthetic appeal and is commonly used in front tooth transplant.


After successful implant placement, a Dental bridge and crown our placed over the implant to complete tooth structure and restore aesthetic and function as natural teeth. All ceramics, metal ceramics, and zirconium crowns at placed over the implant according to the need and patient choice. Dental crown and bridge material can affect overall tooth transplant cost.

Post -Operative care

After to transplant force of care in follow-up is very important for maintaining the transplant for a long time. In follow-up, the dentist monitors the healing of the transplant implant with the bone. Delay healing and infection around the transplanted tooth can cause complications and tooth transplant failure. To avoid the additional cost of postoperative care, and proper maintenance of oral hygiene, follow the dentist’s instructions and regularly visit your dentist in case of any infection dentist timely treats it.

What is the cost difference between traditional tooth replacement options and tooth transplant surgery?

A tooth transplant is an advanced option to replace missing teeth that gives better aesthetics, stability, and a permanent solution. Other options are also used to replace missing teeth such as dentures and bridges.

Dentures are removable prostheses that take support from the jaw bone and surrounding adjacent teeth to provide aesthetics and missing teeth function. Two types of dentures are available according to the teeth replacement needs partial and complete dentures. the average cost of partial dentures is 300 to 1500 and complete dentures are £2500 to £3000 per arch.

Bridges are fixed prostheses that are placed between two teeth to fill the gap between the teeth. It takes support from the adjacent teeth. The cost of bridges also depends upon the material used such as porcelain and metal cost of dental bridges is £500 to £1200 per tooth.

The cost of to transplant depends upon various factors such as types and materials of implants, and restorations. The average cost of a tooth transplant is £3000 to £ 7000 per tooth it includes an implant, abutment, and crown or bridge according to the need. Tooth transplants give more stable, aesthetic, and durable results. it placed permanently, with proper hygiene, they give lifelong results as compared to traditional Tooth replacement options that need to be replaced after 5 to 10 years.

Our dental expert explains to the patient in detail the advantages and associated risks of all available tooth replacement options. The selection of teeth replacement treatment depends upon the treatment goal, the patient’s oral health condition, and treatment cost.


A tooth transplant helps in restoring a radiant smile and tooth function. The tooth transplant cost depends upon dental expertise, material, and procedure of the transplanted tooth. In the dental care centre, our experienced oral and implant surgeons provide more comfortable, durable, and stable tooth transplants at affordable prices.

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