The Art of Restorative Dentistry

What is restorative dentistry, and how does it differ from other branches of dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is the part of dentistry that resolves teeth’s aesthetic and functional issues through restorative treatments. It maintains natural teeth structure so it aesthetically and functionally performs better. in the dental care centre, our restorative expert performed Various types of restorative procedures such as dental fling, dental bonding, root canal therapy, a dental inlay or onlay, dental crown and bridge, and dental implant. The selection of restorative treatment is based on individual dental needs after expert consultation.

Restorative dentistry is different from other dentistry in terms of the objective of treatment as cosmetic dentistry, the main goal is to resolve aesthetic issues to make a perfect smile, and in preventive dentistry, all preventive treatments are performed to maintain good oral health.

What dental services are available in restorative dental procedures?

In the dental care centre, our dental specialist performed different restorative treatments to resolve patient aesthetic and teeth functional concerns such as

Dental filling: Dental filling fills the teeth cavities with different dental materials such as composite and amalgam, our dental expert consults and examines the tooth surface by taking an x-ray and then selects the filling material according to the dental needs of the patients.

Root canal therapy: A restorative treatment that saves a tooth involves a tooth pulping deeper part of the tooth such as deep cavity and trauma. Most patients come with severe pain due to infection inside the tooth. Our expert endodontic takes an x-ray to diagnose and estimate the penetration of infection inside the tooth, then comfortably resolves tooth deep infection and fills it with biocompatible filling, multiple dental visits are required in complicated conditions.

Dental bonding: Dental bonding is tooth colour composite resin that is used to reconstruct tooth size, and minor defects in teeth shapes such as chipped and cracked teeth it also covers the root part of the tooth to resolve gum recession and make a better smile line.

Crown and bridges; The Crown covers tooth all surfaces protects teeth from sensitivity and infection, and makes teeth stronger, The bridge fills the gap of missing teeth by taking support from adjacent teeth. Both of them restore teeth function and aesthetics. Dental crowns and bridges are made up of different materials, selection of materials based on individual specific needs and durability

Implant: permanent solution for missing teeth available in different types our expert implant surgeon, completely examines the condition of bone around the teeth, sometimes additional procedures are required before implant placement such as bone grafting treatment. A dental implant is a durable dental treatment along with good oral hygiene.

Denture: Dental dentures are the temporary solution for missing teeth in which condition implants are not suitable such as compromised bone health. Dentures are removable so easy to maintain dental hygiene daily.

What are the benefits of undergoing restorative dentistry?

Restore natural teeth structure

The most important benefit of restorative dentistry is staying damaged teeth in the mouth after restorative treatment maintaining natural tooth structure with filling materials, and dental bonding. Root canal treatment, crown bridge, and implant make teeth stronger and functionally better.

Maintain teeth functionality Restorative treatment makes it possible to restore damaged teeth and improve their functions such as biting and grinding, and maintaining surrounding bone. Restorative dentistry improves teeth function by preserving natural teeth for years to come.

Reconstruct extended tooth damage. For extended damaged teeth due to trauma and dental cavities, restorative treatment can reverse them back to normal shape. Dental bonding is composite resin substances that reconstruct tooth structure and maintain teeth’ aesthetic and function

Replace missing teeth Dental implants and bridges can replace missing teeth and restore their aesthetic and function.

Make teeth stronger

The crown caps the teeth and makes them stronger in deep dental decay it is recommended by our expert endodontic to cover teeth with the crown after root canal treatment, to make it strong. capping teeth with crowns increases teeth’ life in the long term.

How do I know if I need restorative dental treatment?

Restorative treatment is required when aesthetic and functional problems appear in teeth such as

  • Cracked, fractured, and chipped tooth due to trauma
  • Abnormality in size, and shape of teeth and hard stains that are not removed with professional teeth whitening.
  • Dark spots or cavities appear on teeth with pain and sensitivity to hot, cold, and pressure in the teeth.
  • Decayed tooth causes severe pain, tooth sensitivity, and swelling around teeth.
  • Missing gaps between teeth that cause difficulty in chewing and affect aesthetics.

All these signs indicate the need for restoration treatment. Our restorative specialist can early detect a cavity with advanced technology and restore it with a dental filling in case of delay the bacterial infection penetrates deep into the dental tissue and requires a root canal treatment to restore the teeth.


Our Restorative experts are the top-tier dentists in London. In the dental care center, our dental specialists perform the comfortable and effective restorative treatment. Restorative dentistry maintains teeth functionally, reconstructs extended tooth damage, replaces missing teeth, and makes teeth stronger to provide better function. Cracked, fractured, chipped, and discoloured teeth can be corrected by dental bonding and Veneer restoration treatment. Crowns, bridges, and implants restore teeth aesthetically and functionally. Regular dental check-ups can early detect cavities and restorative treatment can maintain tooth structure naturally and keep the tooth functionally stronger.

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