Teeth Bleaching Dentist at Dental Care Centre

Teeth bleaching dentists, expertly perform magic to get a radiant smile. Dental bleaching is a non-invasive treatment that chemically removes hard stains such as food, beverages, tobacco, and antiepileptic medication stains. In the dental care centre, our teeth bleaching specialists safely perform dental bleaching without any harm to the teeth surface and gum tissue. After completing the assessment of the teeth’ condition, our dental surgeon seals the gums and applies acidic gel on the tooth surface. Our expert dentist carefully monitors the concentration of acid to reduce harmful effects. Proper oral hygiene maintenance, good practice of post-bleaching instruction, and regular follow-up can maintain teeth bleaching treatment for up to 3 years. Touch-up sessions with low-concentration acid, give long-term teeth brightness. Dental bleaching can be performed on a wide range of ages, from teenagers to adults. Dental bleaching is not advisable in pregnant women and children with temporary teeth.

When is it necessary to visit for teeth bleaching dentist?

Teeth-bleaching dentist visits depend upon individual preferences, especially with a compromised smile due to hard stains is high time to visit a teeth-bleaching dentist near your Dental care centre. Plaque or tar can be removed with scaling and other whitening procedures but for hard stains that are difficult to remove with brushing, a dental bleaching technique is commonly used. Teeth get stained or discoloured with tobacco smoking, alcohol, stained food, beverages, and medications used in epilepsy treatment, all these stains require teeth bleaching.

What steps do teeth-bleaching dentists use to brighten a smile?

Dental bleaching is a step-wise procedure In the dental care centre, our skilled dental surgeons carefully perform each step to make the treatment effective and safe.

  • Initial assessment: The dentist first inspects the teeth condition and takes a complete dental history to find possible causes of the stains then discusses the treatment goal and expectation of dental bleaching with the patient.
  • Inspection: The dentist carefully examines the teeth, gums, and surrounding tissue of teeth, If any restorative filing is there, the dentist early informed about a post-treatment mismatch in colour due to bleaching action. Pre-treatment teeth shades or pictures are recorded to compare before or after-treatment effects.
  • Preparation. Soft tissue such as lips, gums, and tongue are sensitive to the bleach acid. A complete seal or protection wraps around the gum line before starting dental bleaching.
  • Acid application. In teeth bleaching, hydrogen peroxide gel is applied on the tooth surface, this acidic gel is so powerful and starts its work after activation with Ultraviolet light for 60 seconds. After activation, the bleaching agent is absorbed in the upper surface of the teeth, breaks down the dark stain of the tooth, and makes it brighter in colour. Dental experts carefully monitor all the procedures and reapply the acid if it is further required.
  • Final assessment. After completing the procedure, the dentist completely assesses the teeth’ condition and evaluates the result by comparing pre and post-treatment teeth shade.


How do teeth bleaching dentists make this technique safe?

In Dental care centres, teeth-bleaching dentists are trained to perform the effective and safe treatment. Careful clinical examination is crucial to report any bleaching contraindication conditions such as blisters and gum infections. Secondly, adequate sealing around gums and soft tissue is also important. Third is the controlled concentration of bleaching acid, our expert dental surgeon regulates the acid concentration and acid application time according to individual teeth needs. All these precautionary measures and dentist expertise make teeth whitening effective and safe.

At-home bleaching is a teeth whitening technique in which patients wear a customized tray around their teeth. Low-concentration acid is used in at-home bleaching according to the dentist’s recommendation.

Does dental bleaching damage my teeth?

Teeth are normally not damaged during dental bleaching if it is performed by an experienced dental surgeon. When the teeth bleaching treatment is performed in the dental care centre where the patient’s oral health is the priority then the chances of tooth damage are automatically decreased. our expert dental surgeon carefully monetized the concentration of acid and teeth surrounding tissue. The patients may feel temporary sensitivity and mild pain that subsets with time.

How long does teeth bleaching last and when do I have to repeat the session?

The durability of dental bleaching various factors such as technique, oral hygiene maintenance, stain-causing food intake, tobacco smoking, and follow-up. Normally in-office teeth whitening with proper practicing post-treatment instruction and regular follow-up, maintained for up to 3 years. Dentists also give some touch-up sessions every six months during follow-up, in which low contraction hygiene peroxide is applied to control the fading. In tobacco smoking and alcoholic patients, touch-up sessions are performed more frequently.

What is the age limitation of teeth bleaching?

Dental Bleaching is not performed on temporary teeth, it applies on fully erupted permanent teeth. Like in teenage adults. in late age due to bone resorption and sensitivity the health of gum does not support dental bleaching. According to the ADA American dental association dental bleaching is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Except for all these conditions dental bleaching can be performed at any age to get rid of stained yellow teeth.


Dental bleaching is a non-invasive procedure and the best way to get a white sparkling smile, performed by an expert team of teeth-bleaching dentists in the Dental care centre. Skilled Dental surgeons maintain a balance between acid concentration and aesthetics that produces up to 8 shades lighter results. Good practicing post-treatment instructions and follow-up increased the durability of teeth whitening treatment.

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