Sensitive teeth whitening treatment – Get a radiant smile

Are teeth whitening safe for sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth whitening is completely safe if treated by professional dentists because they use advanced techniques and whitening products to provide effective and the safest teeth whitening treatment for pre-existing sensitive teeth conditions. In sensitive teeth, sharp severe pain arises with changes in temperature or pressure in the oral cavity. The main cause of teeth sensitivity is the exposure of the nerve ending in the deep layer of the tooth due to tooth decay, gum problems, or chemicals during the teeth whitening treatment.

Dental Care Centre is a London renowned dental clinic for provides comfortable and satisfying dental care. Our dental specialists skilfully treat complex dental problems beyond patient expectations. In sensitive teeth whitening, our expert dental specialist treats patients with less contraction of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide with a desensitizing agent that is applied on a customized tray for secure removal of hard stubborn stains to get a spotless radiant smile.

What are the causes of teeth sensitivity during whitening treatments and how professional dental experts can minimize it?

In Teeth whitening treatment, Hydrogen peroxide is the active agent that penetrates the deep layer of enamel, combines with chromogens (stain-causing particles), and removes the stain. The bleaching action of hydrogen peroxide opens the nerves ending in deep dental tissue that makes teeth sensitive in the presence of hot, cold, and chemical stimuli. Some reasons for increased teeth sensitivity during whitening treatment such as

High concentration of bleaching agent

In teeth whitening treatment the concentration of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide is crucial for effective and comfortable treatment. In the dental care centre, our expert dental specialist completely evaluates oral health conditions before starting whitening treatment and carefully adjusts the acidic contraction accordingly during the teeth whitening treatment. In sensitive teeth whitening our experienced dental specialist uses less contraction of 6% hydrogen peroxide with fluoride to desensitize and minimize exposure of nerve endings in deep dental tissue dentine and reduces teeth sensitivity during whitening treatment.


During teeth whitening treatment, prolonged wearing of the whitening tray causes oral tissue dehydration, due to the limitation of salivary flow around teeth and gum. Saliva has fluoride that naturally protects teeth sensitivity. Our expert dentist recommends desensitizing gel during teeth whitening treatment to control teeth sensitivity during teeth whitening.

Pre-existing dental conditions

Dental problems such as tooth decay, gum resorption, and enamel erosion, expose the tooth’s deep sensitive nerve endings. During teeth whitening treatment bleaching agents exacerbate teeth sensitivity with pre-existing dental conditions. In Dental Care Centre our expert dental specialist first resolves pre-existing dental conditions with dental filling, scaling, and root planning to minimise teeth sensitivity during teeth whitening treatment.

Improper Application

Improper application of whitening gel during at-home whitening treatment can cause teeth sensitivity due to a lack of following the dentist’s instructions such as wearing a whitening tray more than the recommended duration and improperly applying whitening and desensitizing gel. Properly following dentist instructions and regular dental visits during whitening treatment control discomfort and teeth sensitivity during whitening treatment.

Professional dental experts consider all these influencing factors before sensitive teeth whitening treatment and carefully monitor the treatment during regular dental visits to minimize teeth sensitivity and maximum teeth whitening results.

What are the steps dental professionals take to minimize teeth sensitivity in sensitive teeth whitening treatment?

In the dental care centre, our Expert dental specialist carefully designs a comprehensive treatment plan for sensitive teeth after a complete assessment of dental and gums health, to achieve a secure radiant confident smile without discomfort and teeth sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment.

Customized tray

Our expert dentist after initial assessment and complete evaluation of oral health takes impressions and fabricates a customised-fit whitening tray for an effective and safe application of advanced teeth whitening gel without any gingival or soft tissue irritation. A Customized tray equally applies whitening gel to all surfaces of teeth without gum irritation.

Uses of advanced whitening product

For sensitive teeth, our expert dental specialist uses advanced formula whitening gel in which low-concentration hydroperoxide of around 6% is combined with fluoride or potassium nitrate to alleviate discomfort and strengthen the tooth structure. The fluoride component in advanced whitening products desensitizes nerve endings in deep dental tissue.

Limit treatment duration

In sensitive teeth whitening, our experienced dentist, limits the duration of wearing a whitening tray, such as 10 to 30-minute sessions per day for safe and effective teeth whitening. Overuse of whitening products due to prolonged whitening sessions can damage the tooth structure and cause severe teeth sensitivity.

Alternate day whiting technique

Alternate-day teeth whitening technique is also recommended by our dental specialist in severely sensitive teeth, for normal dental tissue recovery along with regular uses of desensitizing gel and whitening toothpaste.

Uses desensitized toothpaste and mouthwashes

Our expert Dentists also recommend daily use of desensitizing toothpaste and mouthwashes during sensitive teeth whitening treatment. Potassium nitrate is the active ingredient in desensitizing toothpaste that blocks tooth-sensitive nerve endings and stops the transmission of pain in response to hot and cold stimuli.

Application of desensitizing gel

In Dental care centre, our experienced dentist properly guides patients before starting sensitive teeth whitening treatment apply the desensitizing gel for 20 to 30 minutes before wearing a whitening tray or between whitening sessions to minimize teeth sensitivity during teeth whitening treatments.

Our expert dental specialist with all these preventive measures provides comfortable and effective teeth whitening treatment for sensitive teeth conditions.


Sensitive teeth whitening treatment is designed to get a spotless bright smile in sensitive teeth. In Dental care centre, our dental specialists skilfully perform sensitive teeth whitening treatment by taking all the preventive measures to alleviate discomfort and teeth sensitivity and provide visible teeth whitening results.

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