Regain a Durable Radiant Smile with Zirconia Dental Crown

What is a zirconia dental crown, and What are the advantages of choosing a zirconia crown over alternative options?

Zirconia dental crown is used to protect and strengthen the decayed and damaged tooth. It provides an excellent aesthetic, seamlessly blends with natural teeth, remarkable strength, long-term durability and biocompatibility as compared to other tooth restorative prosthetics.

zirconia dental crown is made up of tooth colour ceramic material known as zirconium dioxide, which provides durability and strength. For natural tooth colour appearance and strength of zirconia dental crown is widely used in anterior and posterior tooth replacement.

In Dental care centre, our expert cosmetic team successfully restore patients’ confident radiant smiles with a zirconia dental crown. our expert dental specialist placed a zirconia crown after a complete evaluation of the patient oral health and dental needs such as dental caries, and damaged or chipped teeth. that strengthen the teeth and improve their durability. Our dental specialist prefers zirconia dental down over other restorative prosthetics due to

Remarkable strength and durability

Zirconia dental crown have exceptional resistance against wear chips and damage. It can better stand against the masticatory force without being repaired and can be placed for 10 to 20 years as compared to porcelain fused to metal crowns that need to be replaced after 10 years and metal crowns replaced after 3 years.

Excellence aesthetic

Zirconia dental crowns provide a better aesthetic due to translucent material composition and variable shade options. zirconium crown is solely made up of ceramic material without any metal support as in porcelain fused to metal which compromises the aesthetic due to metal exposure around the gum line in gum recession conditions. The metallic crown option affects the aesthetic due to the silver and golden colour appearance.

Minimal tooth preparation

Before placement of a crown, the tooth needs to be prepared for better fitting of prosthetic over the tooth. zirconia dental crown is made up of a thin layer of material that preserves natural tooth integrity and reduces chances of tooth sensitivity by minimal tooth preparation for placement as compared to other options such as porcelain fused to metal and another metal crown.

Better marginal adaptation

Zirconia dental crown is nicely adapted to the gum margin and gives it a natural appearance, the excellent marginal adaptation of the crown depends upon, tooth preparation, in dental care centre our dental specialists expertly prepare a tooth that improves restoration durability, avoid bacterial transmission and reduces gum irritation.


Zirconia dental crown is a biocompatible dental restoration that strengthens and protects the tooth without any allergic reaction, and metallic taste or discolouration. Compared to metal crowns that cause nickel allergy, and galvanic pain in the presence of metallic fillings, a Zirconia dental crown is completely safe and comfortable.

How are zirconia dental crown colour-matched to blend seamlessly with natural teeth?

Zirconia dental crown mimic natural teeth and it seamlessly blends with adjacent natural teeth. In dental care centre, our expert cosmetic team carefully evaluate all the affecting factors to enhance the natural appearance of zirconia dental crown such as

Exact shade selection

Zirconia dental crown is made up of tooth colour ceramic powder material, it is available in various shades from bright to dull white colour. The selection of an exact-match shade depends upon translucency, tooth structure, light exposure, location of missing teeth and age of the patient. An exact shade zirconia crown, that looks like adjacent teeth, gives a more natural appearance and easily blends with natural teeth.

Customized crown fabrication

After an exact shade matches our expert dental specialist skilfully prepares the tooth structure that preserves natural tooth integrity then records all the details with impression and sent to a dental laboratory, where our trained dental technician fabricates ceramic zirconia dental crown by adapt the composition of ceramic to match the desirable shade according to individual natural teeth.

Remarkable technique

For a close match natural teeth shade, our dental specialist properly guided the dental technician to utilize the layering technique to get a desirable tooth colour; in this technique, the technician used multiple layers of ceramic to obtain the natural tooth colour’s zirconia crown so it seamlessly blends with the nature teeth without give fake appearance.

Crafting crown surface

Zirconia dental crown gives a more natural tooth appearance by crafting its surface texture so it can adapt the opacity and translucency in the presence of different light shades and appear as the natural tooth.

Trial adjustment

Before placement of the final zirconia dental crown, our dental specialist performs trail placement of the crown for better crown fitting, close shade match with the natural tooth, and checks patient satisfaction with crown shade. Our dentist also performs the necessary adjustments if required, to make a perfect smile according to patient expectations.

By considering all these factors, our dental specialist successfully placed a Zirconia dental crown that mimics natural teeth and is difficult to differentiate between prosthetic and natural teeth.

How long do zirconia dental crowns typically last and what is the cost of a zirconia dental crown?

Zirconia dental crown is the most durable option for restorative prosthetics, with proper hygiene maintenance it can be placed for 10 to 20 years. The durability of zirconia dental crown can be improved with regular dental visits, good oral hygiene, a healthy diet and reducing biting force by avoiding chewing hard food.

The cost of a zirconia dental crown depends upon dental expertise, the geographical location of the clinic, and laboratory charges. The average cost of a zirconia dental crown is £600 to £800 per tooth, which seems to be expensive as compared to other restorative crowns but it provides more aesthetic and durable results, placed for the long-term without replacement and repair. In Dental care centre, we provide flexible payment options, offer comprehensive treatment packages and accept dental insurance to reduce patient pocket burden.


A Zirconia dental crown provides remarkable strength, durability and excellent aesthetics In Dental care centre our expert cosmetic team successfully restore a patient’s functional and radiant smile with a zirconia dental crown. Our expert dental specialist skilfully placed zirconia dental crown with excellent marginal adaptation, preserving natural tooth integrity to mimic natural tooth colour and revitalising a seamless natural smile.

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