Porcelain Tooth Crown

What is a Porcelain tooth crown and what factors make it a preferable choice over another restorative dental crown?

The porcelain tooth crown is a tooth colour restorative crown that is widely used by dentists to protect and support teeth structure. It provides an aesthetic natural tooth colour appearance that seamlessly blends with natural teeth when placed over to protect the front teeth, it is also used in posterior teeth due to its strength and durability, better biocompatible and economical as compared to other tooth colour restorative crowns.

Porcelain tooth crown give a more natural tooth appearance as compared to other restorative crowns due to the following factors that make it a preferable choice over another tooth restoration

Natural appearance

All the porcelain tooth crown is completely made up of porcelain material that mimics natural tooth are available in a variety of shades from bright to dull white. In dental care centres, our expert cosmetic specialists choose restorative crown materials according to individual dental needs and then select closely match shades according to surrounding teeth so they seamlessly blend with natural teeth and give an aesthetically appealing smile makeover.


For restoring a natural smile it’s important to take care of all the minor details in Dental care centre, our expert dentist skilfully evaluates all the minor details such as damaged teeth’s deep layer or dentine colour which affects the smile when the light reflects the restorative crown. Porcelain tooth crown material provides translucency and allows light to pass through it as in natural teeth and provides an indistinguishable smile.


Porcelain tooth crown is popular due to its long-lasting natural tooth colour restorative crown. Porcelain fused to metal crowns are specially designed for posterior teeth to withstand against biting force, in this type of restoration metallic layer is used under porcelain material to strengthen the porcelain tooth crowns so they maintain both aesthetic and durability to avoid crown damage and fracture during functional force.

Minimal tooth preparation

Porcelain tooth crown require minimal tooth preparation for crown placement and are precisely fit to provide a better marginal seal. In dental care centre, our dental specialist preferred porcelain tooth crown and skilfully prepared teeth to preserve natural tooth structure to avoid post-sensitivity complications.


Porcelain tooth crown material is non-toxic and non-allergic material. It is highly compatible with oral tissue such as gums and soft tissue without any allergic reaction, metallic taste or decoration as compared to other metallic tooth restoration crowns.

How do the customization options for porcelain tooth crowns allow for personalized results that match each patient’s unique smile characteristics?

Porcelain tooth crown provide a variety of customization options according patient’s dental needs our expert dental specialists at Dental Care Centre evaluate all factors in detail to design a porcelain tooth crown according to patients’ smile restoration requirements and provide a personalized result, such as

Exact shade match

An exact shade match is important to provide a seamless natural teeth appearance. Our expert dental specialist carefully selects exact tooth match shade with advanced digital technology to consider all the factors such as translucency of underlined tooth structure, hue, a reflection of light and position of oral cavity, all these factors help in providing exact natural tooth matching porcelain tooth crown.

Size and shape of crown

For a perfect and natural smile, an appropriate shape and size of a porcelain tooth crown is crucial. Our expert dental specialist used an advanced intramural scanner to record complete dental details such as tooth size, shape, symmetry, and occlusion with opposite arch teeth to make a perfect functional and aesthetically appealing smile.

Natural Surface texture

Porcelain tooth crown has both the properties of translucency and reflect natural light, so it mimic natural tooth colour. Our expert dental specialist skilfully prepares tooth structure that supports the natural translucency of porcelain dental crown and by using digital design technology designs the Incisal edge of the crown that reflects light and gives a natural tooth appearance

Perfect Marginal integrity and gum line

Precise marginal fitting of porcelain tooth crown is important for the prevention of bacterial infection transmission and the aesthetically appealing appearance of the restoration. our experienced dental surgeon expertly counture the margin of the crown so that it appears as it emerges from a gum, like a natural tooth to complete an overall smile makeover.

Digital x-ray and designing.

Digital designing technology also helps in the precise customization of porcelain tooth crowns and provides a naturally appealing smile. The dental care centre is equipped with advanced dental technology such as intramural scanners, digital technology and CAD/CAM. Our expert dentists use advanced digital dental technology from diagnosis to designing to restore radiant smiles beyond their expectations.

How do porcelain tooth crowns compare to alternative cosmetic dental treatments, such as veneers or composite bonding, in terms of durability and longevity?

In Dental care centre, we provide various cosmetic dental treatments to restore a perfect smile. Dental veneers, composite filling, and porcelain dental crowns are popular tooth colour restoration. Our expert dental specialist recommends restorative prosthetics after a complete evaluation of the patient’s dental needs, preferences, and budges that help the patient regain a durable perfect smile while restoring normal teeth functions.

Dental veneers are used to restore teeth colour, shape, and size defects. The average durability of dental veneers is 5 to 10 years after that it needs to be replaced or repaired with a new one due to discolouration, chipping, or fracture. A composite filling is a tooth colour restorative filling that is used in minor tooth defects such as decayed, chipped, and fractured teeth. It provides durable results but needs periodic maintenance, repair, and touch-up. Compared to porcelain tooth crown, protects natural tooth structure with exceptional durability and restores a radiant natural smile.


A porcelain tooth crown is a popular tooth-color restoration, with exceptional durability and biocompatibility. In Dental care center, our expert cosmetic team successfully restored thousands of smiles with a porcelain tooth crown. Our expert dental specialists carefully select restorative material and skilfully prepare teeth for porcelain tooth crowns that seamlessly blend with the patient natural tooth colour.

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