Opalescence tooth whitening Sparke with confidence

Opalescence teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that helps to get rid of yellow-stained teeth and boosts confidence. Different types of whitening products are available commercially. Customized tray teeth whitening techniques and in-office techniques are more effective and safer to perform under dentist observation. Teeth whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, boost and maintain opalescence teeth whitening for a long time. The mechanism of action of whitening treatment is hydrogen peroxide which reacts with chromogens and breaks into small components after oxidizing. In the Dental care centre, our teeth whitening experts perform the safest and most effective opalescence teeth whitening treatment by making a customized tray that fits in the patient’s mouth and gives maximum exposure of whitening gel to the teeth surface. Regular follow-up is also important to monitor treatment progress and gum health during treatment. Opalescent white treatment and product are not recommended during pregnancy and lactation mother, thin enamel surface and gum disease conditions.

Why does everyone want opalescence tooth whitening?

A confident Smile is very important for social communication. Stained and yellow teeth affect teeth colour and also affect our lifestyle. Opalescence means light reflection or milky white. Everyone wants opalescence colour teeth. The colour of the teeth is easily affected by the environment. Chromogens are chemical compounds that stick with teeth and absorb external stains such as tea coffee and tobacco. For opalescence whitening teeth, whitening compounds such as hydrogen peroxide combine with stain and break down the stubborn stain that is difficult to remove with brushing. Opalescence whitening treatment helps individuals to get a desirable smile.

What are the different ways of getting opalescence teeth whitening?

Different whitening techniques are available commercially. Before using it, consult with a Dentist, our teeth whitening specialists completely examine teeth and oral health to identify the cause of the stain and select the whitening technique according to the condition and individual desirable need.

Toothpaste. whitening toothpaste has less contraction of hydrogen peroxide so it can maintain whitening teeth treatment but not take an active part in removing hard stains.

Teeth whitening mouthwash. same as whitening toothpaste not removing stains actively but boasting whitening treatment results.

Teeth whitening strip: whitening strips are not commonly recommended by dentists because the strip is not customized according to your gingiva and bleaching agents can damage your gingiva. Whitening strips give uneven whitening because it does not penetrate between teeth.

Customized tray or at-home bleaching: Dentists commonly use this technique to get opalescence whitening teeth in light stains such as tea, coffee, and tobacco stains. In the dental care centre, our teeth whitening specialist makes this procedure completely safe to use at home, they make a customized tray on which a controlled amount of less power whiting gel is applied. The Dentists monitor the progress of treatment and signs of any harmful reaction with whitening treatment during regular follow-up.

How do whitening products work to achieve opalescence white?

Chromogens in the tooth surface are responsible for tooth staining. The active agent in the white g product is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes chromogens and breaks them down into small components that lighten the stain and provide opalescence white colour teeth. Whitening products have safer contraction of acid with some fluoride content which reduces teeth sensitivity and offers comfortable effective opalescence teeth whitening results.

What is the safest way to achieve opalescence teeth whitening?

The safest way of opalescence teeth whitening is to consult with a teeth whitening specialist. A professional better guides a suitable treatment according to teeth condition and he also closely monitors the safety and effectiveness of whitening treatment. In the dental care centre, our experts provide flexible and convenient teeth whitening treatment with a customizing tray and whitening kit. Regular follow up with dentists make this technique safer and more effective. In-office technique is also a saver to remove hard stan with high contraction of acid. This technique is performed under dentist observation with complete precautionary measures to protect soft tissue gum.

What are the common side effects of opalescence whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening treatment is are completely safer treatment. Temporary mild pain is commonly reported after the treatment that resolves timely. Teeth sensitivity makes the situation uncomfortable because the bleaching agent reaches the enamel or tooth surfaces and opens the nerve endings that become sensitive to hot and cold. Expert dentists recommend fluoride gel to apply after teeth whitening to avoid tooth sensitivity. Sometimes gum irritation blisters and redness appear on the gums, immediately consult with the dentist and stop the treatment. Dentists recommend suitable whiting techniques after a complete examination of gum health and according to teeth stains.

Conditions that are contraindications for opalescence teeth whitening?

Some conditions in which a dentist does not recommend whitening treatment due to the harmful effects of bleaching agents such as

Pregnancy: Bleaching agents can cause developmental problems during pregnancy or breastfeeding. White treatment is recommended after pregnancy.

Sensitive gum. In gum disease, soft tissue becomes sensitive due to infection. Bleaching in teeth whitening products can cause gum irritation and uncomfortable during treatment.

Thin enamel or tooth surface. some conditions can cause the enamel or teeth surface to thin and weak such as gastric erosion due to acidity. Teeth become more brittle so it is better to avoid whitening treatment with this systemic condition.

Allergy with whitening product. some patients are allergic to hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, Whiting treatment with this condition can cause severe allergy so it is better to inform the dentist before starting the treatment.


Teeth whitening products are safer and effective in producing desirable opalescence tooth whitening but it is advisable to use them after a Dentist consultation. In the dental care centre, teeth whitening specialists recommend suitable whitening treatment according to gum health and stained teeth condition.

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