Inlay dental

What are inlay dental restorations, and how do they differ from other types of dental fillings?

Inlay dental is a restorative prosthetic that preserves natural teeth structure in extensively damaged teeth. It restores decayed or fractured teeth with a pre-fabricated filling that is placed over the damaged teeth to cover them. Traditional filling like composite is used to restore mild to moderate tooth decay, inlay dental restoration is used in extensively damaged teeth that do not affect the cusp of the teeth, and it is also used in conditions in which traditional dental filling placement can weaken and damage remaining teeth.

In Dental Care Centre, London renowned dental specialists for their preventive approach to resolving patient dental problems. In extensively damaged teeth, our expert dental specialist maintains natural teeth integrity by utilizing inlay dental restorative prosthetics and provides stable and durable tooth restoration without weakening the remaining structure.

Inlay dental restoration is different from dental filling in many aspects such as


Inlay dental restorations are made up of porcelain, ceramic, and composite resin materials that provide durable and aesthetically pleasing results. Inlay dental restoration is custom-made according to the tooth cavity and exactly matches the shade with adjacent normal teeth to maintain a seamless natural aesthetic

Preserving tooth structure

During inlay dental prosthetic restoration placement our expert specialist removes only damaged or infected parts and prepares the tooth while maintaining natural tooth integrity that strengthens the remaining tooth structure and provides long-term teeth restoration as compared to restorative dental crowns in which tooth structure is lost during tooth preparation for better crown placement.

Strength and longevity

Inlay dental restoration provides excellent durability and long-term results. Its conservative tooth preparation, less prone to wear, and fracture resistance make it a better durable option for use in posterior teeth to withstand high functional force as compared to other dental fillings.


Inlay dental restoration is fabricated by a dental laboratory according to individual teeth. Our dental specialty expertly removes damaged parts, prepares the cavity, and records all the details with the help of a digital scanner, then properly guides our skilled dental technician to fabricate durable inlay dental restoration.


Inlay dental restoration is customized according to the patient’s dental need, tooth size, shape, and shade to fulfill both aesthetic and fictional requirements while preserving natural teeth integrity. customization design of inlay dental provides long-lasting teeth support.

What are different dental conditions in which inlay dental is preferred over other restorative filling?

Inlay dental restoration is recommended in extensive tooth damage to preserve the remaining tooth structure. In dental care centre, our expert dental specialist carefully examines the teeth’ conditions and also uses a radiograph to find the deep extension of teeth damage. After a complete evaluation of dental health select inlay dental restorations for the following condition

Moderate to severe tooth decay

Inlay dental is used to restore moderate to severely damaged teeth due to decay or cavities, inlay dental protects tooth structure with minimal cavity preparation.

Fractured teeth

Inlay dental restoration repairs a chipped or fractured tooth part due to any trauma. It restores the aesthetic with tooth color restoration that seamlessly blends with natural adjacent teeth.

Extensive teeth damage

Inlay dental restoration is specially designed for extensively damaged teeth in which traditional dental filling further weakens the remaining tooth structure.

Minimal tooth preparation

Inlay dental restorations preserve natural tooth integrity by minimal tooth preparation as compared to other restoration options such as dental crown placement.

Aesthetic concerned

The custom design of Inlay dental restoration and fabrication of restoration according to individual size, shape, and shade, makes it a preferred choice for repairing anterior tooth damage.

Functional restoration

Inlay dental restorations are made of wear and fracture-resistant material such as porcelain, when used in posterior teeth it provides strength and durable results against functional forces.

Parafunctional habit

Due to its better wear and fracture resistance, Inlay dental restoration is used in patients with parafunctional habits such as bruxism or night teeth grinding.

Previous restoration replacement

in case of previous restoration replacement due to worn or fractured, inlay dental efficiently restores while preserving natural tooth integrity.

What is the durability of inlay dental restoration and how much is the cost of it?

The inlay dental restoration is considered a durable and long-term restorative prosthetic. Inlay dental is placed for the long-term due to its composition, inlay dental restorations are made up of durable porcelain, ceramic, and composite resin. The durability of inlay dental depends upon the expertise of restoration placement by a dental specialist, proper oral hygiene maintenance, and regular dental visits. In dental care centre, our expert dentist restores patients’ aesthetic and functional problems with inlay dental for a long term around 15 years.

The cost of inlay dental restoration depends upon the material of inlay such as porcelain, composition resins, and ceramic inlay fabrication are available at different costs. Tooth conditions such as mild to moderate restoration cost less than extensive damaged teeth. The location of dental clinics is also a matter, the main city and premium location charges more than out-of-city clinics and most importantly expertise, and experienced dentists as in dental clinics our expert dental specialists skilfully place inlay dental restoration that provides satisfied, durable, and affordable teeth restoration. The average cost of inlay dental restoration is £400 to £600 per tooth. For the promotion of dental care in the community and to reduce patient pocket burden we provide flexible payment options, comprehensive treatment plans, seasonal offers, and promotions and also accept all dental insurance. You can inquire with our friendly staff about the availability of promotions and a discounted comprehensive package before visiting.


Inlay dental restoration is a durable, conservative, and aesthetically appealing restorative prosthetic. widely used in moderate to severe tooth decay, due to its wear and fracture resistance is commonly used in posterior teeth to provide functional support. In Dental Care Centre is London’s renowned dental clinic for its experienced dental specialists who expertly restore teeth for the long term with inlay dental and regain patient dental function and aesthetics.

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