Dentists accepting nhs patients

In the dental care centre, our expert dentists accept NHS patients to provide good oral health for all without cost barriers. Preventive care of dental problems is the best way to control oral health problems in the community, that is why in the dental care centre, child care specialists provide free dental treatments for up to 18 years, along with this our expert NHS dentist provides the best dental service to NHS patients at minimum costs such as root canal treatment, dental fillings, crown and bridge, and preventive care. In dental care centre, NHS services are provided in 4 categories according to dental treatment. These affordable NHS services make an accessibility to dental treatment for all. It is easy to book an appointment by just making a call. Our friendly staff booked an early slot for you. Dental care centre treats NHS patients with emergency dental problems. The dedication of our NHS dentist promotes good oral health in the community.

Do your dentists accept NHS patients at your dental practice?

In the dental care centre, our expert dentists accept NHS patients and provide the same dental services to NHS patients as private patients to promote dental health in all community members. Our NHS dentists are motivated to provide dental health care accessible and affordable for all. our expert dentists use mostly preventive approaches by diagnosing and treating dental problems at an early age that is the reason we provide free dental care from 1 to 18 years. At an early age, the chances of development of dental problems are high such as tooth decay and teeth alignment problems. In dental child-friendly clinics, our expert NHS dentist diagnosed these problems at an early age during regular visits and treated them with dental sealant, floured treatment, and preventive orthodontic treatment. These preventive approaches can control dental complications and reduce the ratio of dental problems in the community. This opportunity makes it easy to maintain oral health with regular dental check-ups for all and removes barriers to dental costs.

What dental services are provided by the dentists accept NHS dental patients?

In our dental care center, our expert NHS dentists, are specialists in the different dental departments, carefully diagnose different dental conditions, and make a treatment plan according to individual needs. Our expert dentists accept NHS patients to promote dental health by providing a variety of dental treatments such as

Amalgam filling: A dental filling that restores tooth structure by filling a dental cavity.

Root canal treatment. Our expert dental specialists treat tooth roots by removing tooth infections and filling them with filling material to make them strong.

Dental bridge and dental crown: A dental crown covers a tooth and makes it stronger. A dental bridge fills the gap of missing or extracted teeth by taking support from adjacent teeth.

Dentures: Resolve multiple missing teeth problems mostly it is removable so easy to use and clean.

Dental inlay or onlay; A solution to restore dental tooth structure with strength in case of deep cavity.

Tooth extraction. When there is no hope of saving teeth, such as tooth mobility, or impaction, avail this option for controlling tooth infection.

Periodontal treatment: Gum infections can be removed with teeth cleaning and or root planning in severely infected gum.

Oral hygiene maintenance treatment. Our NHS dental experts are more focused on dental prevention by treating dental problems at the initial stage and advising their patients, regular dental check-ups, avoiding sugary diets, and practicing good oral hygiene at home.

What is the process for NHS patients to book an appointment at a dental care centre?

You can easily get an appointment by just making a call. In the dental care centre, our friendly staff also guide you about the dental specialist according to your dental problems and book an early slot for you after providing some basic information such as name and age. You also receive an appointment confirmation message and reminder one day before your appointment.

What are the costs of dental treatment for NHS patients?

The cost of dental treatment for NHS patients is affordable, with minimal charges. For NHS patients our dental care centre makes four categories according to treatment and provides an affordable package in which comprehensive dental treatment can be performed at a low cost.

Band 1: our NHS dental expert fully examines dental problems, performs x-rays if needed to confirm diagnosis, and performs preventive dental treatment such as teeth cleaning and polishing for just £23.80. This affordable price makes possible regular check-ups every 6 months and promotes dental health.

Band 2: with all the facilities of band 1 addition with dental filling, root canal treatment, and dental extraction. After our expert dentist consultation, a customized treatment plan is made according to an individual dental need at just £65.20.

Band 3: Including all the features of 1,2 with crown bridge and dentures in this package makes the tooth stronger with crowning along with solving the problem of missing teeth with bridge and dentures in just £282.80

Band 4: In case of emergency dental conditions such as dental trauma, severe dental pain, swelling, or jaw dislocation and severe bleeding after tooth extraction. you can book an early appointment so immediate treatment can resolve the emergency dental problem for just £23.80

The dental cost of NHS patients is affordable to maintain good oral health through regular follow-up and diagnosis and dental treatment at an early stage to avoid dental complications.

What should I do if I need emergency dental care as an NHS patient?

In the case of a dental emergency condition, you can contact the dental care centre, and our emergency dental team resolve your problem timely. In case you can’t contact with dental care centre and require assistance outside the regular office hours, you can call NHS 111, explain your dental problem, a dental nurse guide you, and book an early appointment slot near your dental care centre.


In the dental care center, our expert dentists accept NHS patients. Our experienced NHS dentists are committed to providing accessibility to equal dental care for all by performing essential dental treatments for NHS patients. We also provide emergency dental treatment to NHS patients at an affordable cost.

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