Composite dental filling

What are composite dental fillings why it preferred over other restorative fillings?

A composite dental filling is the most popular restorative material due to its aesthetic, durability, and conservative tooth preparation. A composite dental filling is a biocompatible material not cause any metallic allergic reaction and it also reduces post-restorative sensitivity. With all these benefits, composite dental filling efficiently replaces traditional amalgam dental that compromised aesthetics by giving a silver appearance.

At Dental Care Centre, our London renowned dental specialist successfully restored thousands of patient’s aesthetic and functional problems with a composite dental filling. Its natural teeth colours like appearance, strength, durability, and biocompatibility make it a preferable choice by our experienced dentists. Composite dental filling placement provides further benefits such as

Conservative tooth preparation.

The composite dental filling has a unique feature of the chemical bond with the tooth structure which means, it requires less tooth preparation for retention and avoids excessive tooth structure loss during cavity preparation while maintaining natural tooth structure.

Variant options

Composite dental filling is available in various teeth shades. Our expert dental specialist restores patients’ radiant smiles with the composite variable shade, matching the exact shade according to individual teeth shades that seamlessly blend with natural teeth.

Reduce post-restoration sensitivity

The composite dental filling is preferred over the traditional filling like amalgam due to its teeth sensitivity after placement of filling material. Composite chemically reacts with tooth structure and makes a tight bond which reduces teeth sensitivity so patients comfortably regain their perfect smile.

Can composite dental fillings be used to repair teeth with extensive decay or damage and are suitable for restoring both front and back teeth?

The selection of filling material to restore a decayed tooth depends upon various factors such as tooth part involvement, remaining tooth structure, and patient oral hygiene maintenance habits. In dental care, our expert dental specialist carefully examines the tooth conditions and also takes radiographs to estimate the extension of damaged teeth. After a complete evaluation of all the factors choose a filling material that has all the properties of durability, and biocompatibility and restores the patient’s aesthetic natural smile and teeth function. The composite dental filling provides an exceptional result in mild to moderate tooth decay. In extensively damaged teeth, our expert dental specialist used different techniques in which a lining or supportive restorative material is placed to support composite dental filing so it provides durable comfortable results in extensive tooth damage.

The Composite dental filling is available in variable shade options, that preciously mold according to individual natural teeth shape and shape and restore a radiant smile, its natural teeth color, makes it an excellent choice for anterior teeth restoration. A composite dental filling is composed of a composite resin material that provides strength to withstand biting and chewing force so our expert dentists recommend the use of composite dental filling for long-term durable posterior restoration.

What factors contribute to the longevity and durability of composite dental fillings? How long do composite dental fillings typically last compared to other types of dental fillings?

In the dental care centre, our restorative specialist used composite dental filling for long-term restoration of mild to moderate tooth decay, chipped and fractured teeth. The durability of composite filling depends upon the following factors.

Quality of filling material

Good quality filling material plays an important for improving the durability of restorations. Our expert dentists use the latest premium quality composite dental filling materials, which are better in strength and with improved wear and fracture resistance, to provide our patients with durable and satisfied dental care.

Attachment of filling with tooth surface

Composite dental filling chemically attaches to the tooth surface and makes a strong bond. Improved and advanced composite dental filling material provides adequate adhesion to the tooth surface and is securely attached to avoid bacterial leakage and sensitivity.

Cavity preparation

The durability of composite dental filling also depends upon cavity preparation and complete removal of decayed parts and caries infections. In the dental care centre, our expert dental specialist carefully removes all damaged remnant parts to avoid any recurrent tooth decay. Our dental specialist skilfully prepares tooth cavities while preserving natural tooth integrity.

Technique expertise

Proper technique for composite dental filling placement is important for improving the durability of the restoration. our expert dental specialists have experience in restoring thousands of smiles with composite dental fillings. our dental specialist used advanced techniques for the placement of a composite restoration, properly cured with ultraviolet light to make a secure bond with the tooth surface and final finishing to avoid any extended part to give a more natural appearance.

Patient habit

Good oral hygiene habits, improve the durability of composite dental filling. Proper oral hygiene such as brushing twice a day, flossing after every meal, rinsing with mouthwashes once a day, and regular dental visits for proper monitoring and touch-ups, improve the quality of composite dental restoration.

With proper oral hygiene maintenance and regular dental visits, a composite dental filling can be placed for 10 years. In dental care centre, our experienced dental specialists improve the durability of composite dental fillings by using premium quality composite material, conservative cavity preparation, and uses of advanced techniques for filling placement.

Compared to other dental filling materials such as amalgam that provide durable results but compromise cosmetics, composite is a popular filling material due to its natural tooth appearance, durability, and conservative tooth structure integrity.


A composite dental filling is preferable dental filling due to the natural tooth colour that seamlessly blends with adjacent teeth, Long-term results, restore teeth function with aesthetic. Dental care centre have London’s most experienced dental specialists, preferred composite dental filling for the successful restoration of radiant smiles and dental functions.

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