Best teeth whitening technique

Teeth whitening treatment is a fast procedure to get a confident and radiant smile. Different teeth whitening techniques are used to treat different types of satin. An expert dentist recommended teeth whitening treatment after examining the teeth’ surface. Acid contraction is very important in teeth whiting technique, expert dentists select the correct concentration and technique according to stain type. Food beverages, tea coffee, and smoking stains can easily be removed by at-home teeth whiting technique. In the dental care centre, our teeth whitening specialist customized trays for effective results and provides a whiting kit with controlled and less contraction according to patient need. Use of a whiting kit under a professional is very important, to reduce gum irritation, teeth sensitivity, and teeth surface damage. whitening toothpaste and teeth-whitening mouth rins can boost whitening treatment results. Teeth whitening strips are not commonly used in dental whitening treatment due to gum irritation. Teeth whitening is a revolutionary change in a confident smile.

How can I choose the best teeth whitening technique? Which teeth whitening technique is safer for teeth surface (enamel)?

Different whitening products are available in the market some of them potentially work for removing stains but some boost the effect of teeth whitening techniques such as whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash. Teeth whitening strips are not appropriate for removing stains because they can damage gum due non-customized according to individual teeth. In the dental care centre, our expert teeth whitening dentist recommends teeth whitening techniques according to teeth stains. For Stains such as tea coffee and tobacco smoking stains, our dentist recommends a home whitening kit with a customized tray. It is a safer and more effective technique to remove the daily stain and is easy to use according to dentist instructions Hard stains are treated with highly concentrated acid under dentist supervision.

How teeth whitening technique work to remove stains?

The teeth whitening technique works on the teeth chromogen, which reflects the colour of the tooth surface. chromogen takes stains from tea coffee, tobacco, and medication and displays them on the tooth surface. The active ingredient in the teeth whitening g technique is hydrogen peroxide which reacts with chromogens and breaks down into its smaller components. Extrinsic or outer tooth surface staining such as tea, coffee tobacco smoking, is easily removed with low concentration and less acid exposure but intrinsic staining like medications or developmental stains is very hard because it deeply penetrates the tooth surface, so it requires a high concentration of acid under expert dentist supervision at chair to remove it.

Is there any potential side effect of the teeth whitening technique and how the dentist minimize it?

The teeth whitening technique has no potential side effects. Mild and temporary tooth sensitivity and gum irritation may be felt during teeth whitening treatment. in the dental care center, our teeth whitening expert carefully monitors the correct acid concentration that effectively works to remove the stain without harming the gums and teeth. In severe sensitivity, our dentist recommends Fluoride treatment to desensitize the teeth. In at-home teeth technique, it is important to visit your dentist regularly and inform a dentist about any discomfort during the use of a teeth whitening kit.

Home teeth whitening technique is safe? How much time it will take to produce the teeth whitening noticeable changes?

Teeth whitening techniques are completely safer to use at home, according to dentist instructions. In the dental care centre, our expert dental surgeon after carefully examining teeth condition, provides a whitening kit that contains a customized tray and low contraction acidic gel. Our dentist explains, in detail how to use a whitening kit at home. Before applying the tray adequately clean the mouth with water rinse then carefully apply whitening gel on the tray with the help of a syringe. After this carefully insert the tray in the mouth. It is very important to customize the whiting tray according to your teeth size so it sets easily on your teeth and gives maximum results. The duration of the session depends upon tooth stain and acid concentration The dentist recommends 30 minutes for each session for 2 to 3 weeks to get an obvious change up to 7 shades. Monitoring the progress with shade guidance. Consult with your dentist in case of any gum irritation and redness.

What are the components of a professional teeth whitening kit and how long does teeth whitening treatment last?

In the dental care centre, our expert dentist provides a whitening kit that consists of acid gel, a customized tray, and desensitizing gel. Acidic gel is an active ingredient usually 35% hydrogen peroxide, and a customized whitening tray according to the patient teeth so the whitening agent (acidic gel) maximizes contact with the tooth surface and provides better results in less time. The desensitizing gel is applied to reduce the sensitivity during the session. The duration of at-home teeth whitening treatment depends on the stain, and session of tray wearing. and good practicing post-treatment instruction. For tea coffee and tobacco standing, it’s recommended by the dentist to wear a tray 20 to 30 minutes per day for 2 to 3 weeks. By maintaining good oral hygiene, and avoiding stains causing food and beverages, maintain teeth whitening treatment results from months to years.

What are the precautions the dentist recommends for at-home teeth whining technique?

Careful practicing the dentist’s instructions is very important in at-home teeth whitening techniques to avoid any gum irritation, teeth sensitivity, and enamel or tooth surface damage.

Regularly apply dentist-recommended fluoride gel to reduce sensitivity.

Avoid stain-causing food, beverages, and smoking to keep the teeth waiting result long.

Maintain Regular dental visits during teeth whitening treatment to identify any gum irritation and properly monitor teeth whitening treatment under a professional.


The result of the teeth whitening is dependent upon the severity of the stain and the maintenance of oral hygiene and post-treatment instruction. It is important to use a tooth whitening kit under a dental expert to avoid gum irritation, tooth damage, and sensitivity.

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